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Residential Service

Electricity is a necessity of life. We use it in hundreds of ways in our homes every day. From heating your house to keeping your food fresh, from taking a shower to surfing the web, we depend on electricity being available when we need it.

Lane-Scott Electric is committed to providing our member-owners with dependable, friendly, efficient service at fair rates. That means more than just repairing outages quickly. It means preventive maintenance, investing in infrastructure, helpful and courteous support staff, as well as flexible payment options. It also means providing a quick response to member requests.




  • Lane-Scott Electric Cooperative, Inc. believes every member is entitled to efficient central station electric service at the lowest possible cost compatible with good management practices.


  • We believe that we have the moral obligation to render to our service area as a whole, any service possible for the betterment of the area, to enrich the lives of the people, and to raise the standards of health, education and understanding.


  • We believe the Cooperative Process to be the best way to achieve the above desired objectives.


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