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Gough Retires from LSEC

Gough Retires from Lane-Scott Electric Board of Trustees

Ed Gough, a long-time Lane-County resident, and Lane-Scott Electric Trustee has decided to retire from the board after 24 years. Ed moved to Lane County in 1973 from Mound City, KS and was elected to the board in 1996. He and his wife, Paula, live in rural Lane County. Many of you may know Ed from his time as the Assistant Manager at Lane County Feeders, managing the day to day operation in the yard. Or, you may have heard him sing at various local events. He also was very active and involved as one of Lane-Scott’s nine board members attending functions, trainings, political events, and meetings as much as possible. Gough says he is retiring mostly due to health reasons and wants to give someone younger the chance to offer their point of view.

For those of you who haven’t had the pleasure of speaking with Ed, I’d like to offer some perspective as to his nature. He is a very humble, hard-working man. During his interview he said, “I’m just one of those guys who tries to do the best I can with no accolades. I, like anyone at any job, am replaceable. If you stick your fist in a bucket of water, what happens after you take it out? Water fills back in, just like someone will step up and fill my position.”

He enjoyed his position on the board. He said, he has most enjoyed working with such a quality group of trustees and employees. Having a common interest and goal. To him, the most important job as a trustee is to help push safety. The concern for safety of linemen and electrical workers is of the upmost importance to the board. He hopes the crews know the board feels that responsibility and know to speak-up if they ever see something done that can get someone hurt. “You can do something one-hundred times, and the one-hundred and first, if done wrong, can get you hurt.”

The advice he would offer to the next elected trustee is, “There’s going to be a lot you don’t understand at first. Go to all the trainings you can and don’t be afraid to ask what others might think is a stupid question. Most likely they were wondering the same thing. Also, when weighing options and making decisions about what to approve, always ask what’s the downside?  The good is always presented, you have to ask and research the bad.”

The words of wisdom he gives to all members of the co-op is to appreciate what Lane-Scott does, and did, to get electricity to this part of the world. The way was paved by past electric co-op trustees to bring electricity to rural America. It was not an easy road and it made life here a better place to live. Those who serve on the board are doing so with the best interest of each member. 

Thank you, Ed, for your many years of excellent service to Lane-Scott Electric, its’ employees, and members.

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