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Cold Weather Rule

Lane-Scott Electric Cold Weather Rule


Lane-Scott Electric follows special cold weather disconnect procedures for residential customers during the time period November 15 through March 15.  The guidelines below have been established to protect not only you, the electric member, but your member-owned cooperative.

No residential electric service disconnections will be made when the Dodge City National Weather Service forecasts that the temperature will drop below 35 degrees or will be in the mid-30’s or colder within the following 48-hour time period.  In order to avoid disconnection when the temperature is 35 degrees or above, or to reconnect service regardless of the temperature, the residential customer must comply with these provisions:

  • Inform Lane-Scott Electric of the inability to pay the bill in full
  • Make an initial payment of 1/12th of the overdue amount of the bill, plus 1/12th of the current bill, all disconnection and reconnection fees, and 1/12th of the applicable deposit, and enter a payment plan for the rest of the arrearage in no less than 12-month time
  • Must pay future bills in full while paying off the overdue amount
  • In the event the member fails to meet their payment plan, the customer must cure the default to remain in the payment plan.  Contact Lane-Scott Electric’s billing department at 620-397-5327 or 800-407-2217 immediately


Lane-Scott Electric shall:

  • Call the customer 24 hours in advance of disconnection of service
  • On the day of disconnect, Lane-Scott must receive forecast that the temperature will remain above 35 degrees for 24 hours before disconnecting
  • If the forecast indicates temperature will fall below 35 degrees, service will remain on and Lane-Scott will wait for a new 48-hour window

If a member receives assistance from a 3rd party, such as LIEAP assistance, the customer is encouraged to renegotiate their payment arrangement.

For additional assistance involving the Cold Weather Rule, you may contact:

Lane-Scott Electric’s billing department 620-397-5327 or 800-407-2217 during normal business hours of Monday – Friday, 8a.m. to 5 p.m.

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