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Auto Pay

Lane-Scott Electric's AUTOPAY option allows the amount of your monthly electric bill to automatically be deducted from you bank account.  There's no check to write, no payment to mail, no more forgetting to pay!  Best of all, AUTOPAY costs you nothing.  


How it Works

The account balance is drafted from your checking account on the 18th of each month. If the 18th falls on a weekend or a holiday, the draft will occur the next business day.


How do I sign up?


  •  Print and fill out the auto withdraw application and the accompaning letter
  •  Attach a voided check to the application
  • Mail or bring to our office the application and voided check
  • If you use SmartHub, you can sign-up by clicking on Billing & Payment Options - Auto Pay Program - Sign Up For Auto Pay
  • Continue to pay your bill as usual until you see "Do Not Pay - This will be paid through Auto Pay" in the message section of your bill. This message indicated the application process has been completed. 


Keep in Mind:


  • To cancel an automatic payment, we must have written notification in our office at least two weeks prior to the bill due date
  • Automatic payments returned by your financial institution due to insufficient funds will be treated the same as a return check and will be subject to a return check charge
  • The automatic payment agreement may be subject to immediate cancellation if there are insufficient funds in your bank account



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