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Energy Savings Tips for Your Business

Energy saving tips for your business

The basic guideline for saving electricity is: switch it off if you are not using it! This is applicable to your computer, your cell phone charger, heater, or any other appliance.

  • Dress according to the weather. Your body will feel more comfortable much easier and quicker if you have not become icy cold or sopping wet. If you have to use a heater, use the lowest setting. Keep windows and doors closed to prevent warm air from escaping. Never leave the heater on if you leave the room. Besides wasting electricity, it could also be dangerous.
  • Open the curtains to allow the sun to warm your room/office during the day. Then close the curtains, doors and windows to keep the warmth inside.
  • Make sure that the power-saving devices on your computer are set up so that the computer and monitor will “sleep” if they are not used for more than a quarter of an hour.
  • Do not set the air-conditioning colder than is needed—this causes the compressor to work longer and can cause the cooling coil to ice up and consequently become less effective.
  • Switch off your computer at night and over weekends.
  • Make sure that your office lights/building lights are switched off when you go home.
  • Find what equipment is draining your profits by conducting your own energy audit. You’ll find out where your business is spending most of its energy and what cost-effective measures you can take to curb the usage.
  • Install energy-efficient equipment and replace lights to help conserve energy and cut costs.
  • Check and maintain heating and air conditioning equipment and replace air filters regularly.
  • Do not heat or cool unused areas or storage rooms.
  • Keep light fixtures and bulbs clean. Dust absorbs 50% of light.
  • Install lighting timers or sensors that eliminate the cost of leaving the lights on when no one is around.
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